What Is Malnutrition And How To Deal With Malnutrition



Malnutrition is the condition in which body do not get enough nutrition for the growth. It can lead to serious complications in the body. It effects the overall growth of body. In this condition, the growth of body slows down with respect to age group. It mostly affect the younger children and that’s one of the reason that height of child is retarded. It can lead to high risk infections in the body. There are two terms used for malnutrition one is undernutrition and other is overnutrition. In case of the undernutrition, several minerals and vitamins are deficient in the body for example, vitamin A which cause skin infection and dryness in the eyes, iron deficiency which is related to slower growth of individual and leads to anemia. Iodine is necessary for the normal growth and development of the body. Overnutition leads to obesity. Mostly the African countries in the world have severe malnutrition in the Children. Financial issues are the main cause of malnutrition in most of third world countries.

Sign and symptoms Alerting Malnutrition:

1. Weight loss in the small children

2. Dry skin and hairs, overall itchy skin

3. Decreased muscle mass

4. Difficulty in attention and concentrating the objects

5. Depression may develop

6. General weakness in the body

7. Severe protein deficiency develops mostly in the childhood and is called kwashiorkor. In this condition the muscle mass of the body is decreased

8. Retarded height and growth

Causes Of Malnutrition:

1. All the people in the world cannot access to the food equally mainly the developing countries

2. In certain diseases, the absorption of food is decreased which leads to malnutrition

3. Alcohol consumption in access leads to malnutrition

4. Due to poverty in the developing countries, people don’t get proper food

5. People with low income and lower socioeconomic status are mostly affected

Management and Treatment of Malnutrition:

First thing we have to do is the high quality food to the all individuals especially the targeted area of malnutrition. Monitoring for malnutrition which can help to reduce the malnutrition in some extent. Most important thing is financial support to the people who cannot afford the high quality food due to poverty. Ensure drinking pure water as it is one of causes of the malnutrition. All the health care workers should spread awareness to all people because many people do not know the about the malnutrition. All the developed countries in the world should give funds to underdeveloped countries to overcome the malnutrition. All the supplements, vitamins and minerals should available be to the people free of cost.

Complications Of Malnutrition:

Immune system gets weak and body cannot fight against the infections. In the kidneys the regulation of salt and fluid is disturbed which leads to kidney failure. Any cut in the body lead to delayed wound healing. Fertility decreased due to malnutrition. Severe heart problems can develop in the adults. Increased risk of bone related diseases like osteoporosis and rickets.